An Affidavit is one of the most powerful legal documents there is.

This is why lawyers don’t want you to use an Affidavit

The complete process of agreement - for any case or situation

An Affidavit is a legal tool by which the facts are established.

It’s a “These are the facts, you agree with them or you return facts that override them
Prove me wrong if you can. If you can’t then you have agreed to the content of the Affidavit by Default and remember you only have 21 days to prove me wrong.

Once the 21 days have expired there is a formal agreement between the parties as to what the facts are. This is why the Affidavit is a most POWERFUL weapon. There is a Legal and Binding agreement between the parties that can no longer be disputed. There cannot be any further arguments after the 21 days. An un-rebutted Affidavit is a formal Contract.

Serve that Affidavit and it remains un-rebutted after 21 days THEN you have the most POWERFUL Affidavit of all time that holds absolute legal and factual proof of what it contains.

Make no mistake. Getting the Affidavit wrong on any point and you then become the guilty party trafficking fraud. This is why the Affidavit is so Powerful.
So don’t get your Affidavit WRONG.

Let that fact sink in for a while.

Following the affidavit having run its 21 day course, then the penalties are then served by way of a Lien


A Lien

 A Lien is an agreed security on an agreed debt. There are many ways of publishing this agreed interest on an estate. A Lien has to be published to be perfected.
e.g.. The town council notice board, The Guardian, Gazette, Equifax (in other countries, their equivalent) are all examples of publishing the agreed interest in the estate. Any public media will do. Facebook is also a good example for the Lien being published. 

A lien can also be sold on the city steps as it is an agreed asset.
The finished document and agreement is an asset which can be sold but why would we want to sell this asset, usually for a fraction of the content?
It is an asset and a Commercial instrument in it own right.
The reason that there is an agreed asset and Lien Document is because the agreed debt cannot be resolved due to the lack of funds or capability to resolve the agreed debt.
Enforcing the asset becomes futile as there are no funds to settle with. But the Security by way of a lien is a Commercial instrument in its own right which can be placed on account as cleared funds just like a £20 note can.
So why would anybody want to sell the asset or redeem this asset for less than the agreed sum.
Once the agreed security is agreed and published as a Perfected Lien then the agreed sum is in hand. The finished Perfected Lien is the Commercial instrument itself. The only reason these remedies exist in the first instance is because the Government literally steal 85% of everyody's cash by way of 500+ illegal tax points. All tax in any form is illegal and criminal, as nobody has ever agreed and signed that agreement to pay the tax, duty, VAT, PAYE, and the other 500+ instances of tax in all its forms.
Economics is an oxymoron, since there has been no money since 1869. Just paper and ink based upon confidence and belief. A Bank of England Bank Note is just that. A Note...... It never was and never will be money. There is no money..... There is no money....Without money then there can be no debt. You cannot PAY for anything without money. So if you BELIEVE that the GBP/US$/€ etc is money then fine.

Now you know how to create your own cash. Its all about control.

Sovereign Solutions


Dump ALL of Your Preconceptions

However any of us have been brought up, educated to believe in and taught, it is a safe bet to say that 90% of that is incorrect. To carry that baggage, reassured, through ignorance, that it is the right way, is the greatest single perpetration of the greatest lie told. To then remind yourself you are the one telling it, ought that not waken you, like a hammer to the head? Sadly ego, indoctrination and refusal to see or enact change becomes the default parameter of the trapped.
We become, in short, our own worst enemy and remain mostly utterly ignorant of Truth, even though it is staring us in the face.


Get To Know Your Rights

If change is to be forthcoming it is incumbent on each of us to self educate. It is too easy in this age of social media and cod intelligence, to rant, spout and demand rights and obligations of and by others, when all the time you are trapped in a system that loves to see your ignorance of your own rights ignored. More than any other page in history we are at the unique cross roads where:
On one side having all the information and knowledge at our finger tips with the ability to making choices between our own freedom or continued enslavement
On the other happily staying enslaved.

For those courageous enough to move forward, this site was created. It is not alone in offering content, knowledge and assistance to the self change and educational process, yet it is in total co-operation with all who are of like mind and endeavour. 

Lawful Resistance

Where to Start

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