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BUSTED! Bill Gates Slips, Reveals TERRIFYING Coronavirus ENDGAME, Ted Talk Covers It up

The Next News Network where Bill Gates admits to his plan for chipping and vaxxing the world in a TED talk! Such hubris from someone who was never elected anywhere by anybody. 

This is the original audio soundtrack of the TED talk and at 39 mins we get Gates telling us we are going to need Digital certificates to move around the place.

The edited out bit on the video is this:

"So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global opening up..."

Such a tyrannical, dystopian  world is not what any of us signed up for. The lockdown is intended to 'beat in submission' those utterly devoid of any sense of what is being perpetrated here. It is shocking to imagine so many giving up their freedoms for becoming controlled and monitored like never before.

The thing is this whole Covid farrago never needed the lockdown, never demanded this sort of authoritarian administration, yet they tried it and so many fall into lockstep with it.

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