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The Freedom Cycle


Coerces, manipulates and forces its version of events - History has proven this to be a dangerous and draconian path leading to tyranny Under this one roof we offer some of the best alternative understanding discussion and interpretation.


Are nothing like those proposed by the Cabal interested only in subjection. We are Many and they Are Few. By all that is Natural we must establish our collective power over these forces intent on crushing us through Division and Hate. Our Arms and Power is Love


Hope, upliftment, vision and a light on the path forward for us all not the cabal of the very rich, controlling and self serving. Neither through violence nor force will we win. The path delivered is through love and insightful vision taken into action. Truth flourishes through loving kindness, knowledge and compassion for all our human family

Anthem For Our New World

Bob Marley knew what Freedom ought to look like - his iconic number GET UP STAND UP!  is good to remind ourselves we win when we Get Up Stand Up and call them out

Jonathan Trapman


Jason Mraz

Lawful Rebellion

Articles, Thoughts and Empowerment Towards Solutions via a Critical Mindset

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Jason Mraz - Love Is Still The Answer

The official video of "Love Is Still The Answer" by Jason Mraz from the album 'Know.'


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Jonathan L Trapman is an author, creative writer and photojournalist who has spent the better part of his 45 odd years in public life, learning from his personal experiences, sharing them, listening to others, whose lives have allowed him to open his own mind to a beauty, even within horror, that is transforming and empowering. His written work endeavors to convey, through true tales and fiction, impressions thus garnered. Dreams and Realities can be purchased (signed by the author if wanted) here.

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Articles of Interest