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Covid Pandemics Causes and Agendas

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Coerces, manipulates and forces its version of events - History has proven this to be a dangerous and draconian path leading to tyranny Under this one roof we offer some of the best alternative understanding discussion and interpretation.


Unlike YouTube - Twitter -FaceBook and other quislings, we do not censor truth - we expose it! We fight BS, propaganda and all manner of coercive manipulation. In that we are aided by some of the best and brightest critical minds on the planet. 


When any source videos are taken down externally, we replace them with our own back ups or source them from a non draconian source feed.


''Viruses and living beings have co-evolved for 4 billion years, many different viruses are simultaneously carried by the animal and human populations, and the human immune system is a complex and powerful evolving entity that you do not want to circumvent or mess with using financially-motivated global interventionist policies developed in a near-total science vacuum.'' - Denis Rancourt

Scientific Experts

Denis Rancourt

Denis Rancourt

Dr John Ioannidis

Dr John Ioannidis

Dr David L Katz

Dr David L Katz

Mitch Feierstein

Chris Martenson, PhD

Professor Dolores Cahill

Prof. Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize Winner Exposes Reality

The Battle of Truth v Propaganda
The Real Experts' Dilemma

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Scientific Experts Question Events, Agendas Behind them and End Games

Agendas of those in power are inevitably down to holding the reins of control, power and manipulation. Sold as looking after its populations for the best, corporate interests and influences, lobby groups and power hungry entities will always find a way to have the first say and action things beneficial to their own self interests. 

The inquiries, holding to account, voiced by experts not in the pay or influence of such power is essential for the general public and all those concerned about loss of freedom, sovereignty and rights. In an age where these things are made more and more difficult, it is incumbent on all truth seekers to be heard.

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Prof. Luc Montagnier

**A more Explosive Revelation from a More Entitled Opinion Cannot be Found**

(English Subs) - Nobel Prof. Montagnier : COVID-19 caused by a vaccine experiment gone bad - 2020.04.17

(Press caption button for Eng subs)

FULL INTERVIEW of Medecine Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier on French mainstream channel CNEWS, April 17, 2020.

Medecine Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier gives his expert opinion on the origin of the SARS-COVID2 virus. His main point is that the RNA sequences that are common to the HIV retrovirus are short, but long enough to be actively coding: he thinks that cannot be the result of a natural recombination, a lab must have been involved.


He excludes the biowarfare motive, and thinks the virus comes from an attempt to create a vaccine against AIDS.
He also says there are political pressures not to communicate about this, probably because all governements are involved in such experiments.
The good news is that the artificial virus is loosing potency as it mutates, because Nature does not accept disharmony.
This underlines once again the dangers of these new DNA/RNA recombinant vaccines, new technologies that can lead to absolute disasters for the human population.

Dr David L Katz

Perspectives on the Pandemic |Episode 3

14th April 2020 - In this "back to work" edition of Perspectives on the Pandemic, John Kirby talks with Dr. David L. Katz, the author of the much-debated March 20th New York Times op-ed, "Is Our Fight Against the Coronavirus Worse Than the Disease?"  

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